The Process


Our stripping operation involves an eight stage process which thoroughly and SAFELY strips furniture.

Step One: Stripping

We have several techniques designed to safely strip your furniture, which include dip stripping, hand stripping, and using a flow over tank to remove layers of old paint, stain, or finish.  

We delicately HAND STRIP furniture and reserve the emersion process (or dip stripping) strictly for heavily PAINTED items like doors.

Step Two:  Rinsing

We use a combination of hand and power rinsing to ensure that all the stripper is removed from the surface of the wood.

Step Three:  Cleaning

We use tri sodium phosphate (TSP) a cleaner to effectively remove excess stripper form the wood grain.

Step Four:  Bleaching

We use a wood bleach to remove blemishes and lighten the wood.

Step Five:  Sanding

We hand sand each piece to ensure that any rough edges or burrs are removed so the surfaces are smooth.

Step Six:  Staining

We hand stain each piece if desired to the exact color of the customers specifications.

Step Seven:  Finishing

All finishes are sprayed on in our state of the art spraying booth to ensure and even finish.  We only use quality Sherman Williams® lacquers, pre-catalyst lacquers and conversion varnishes (depending on piece)  We do not use polyurethane due to its inferior adhesion characteristic and poor rub out properties. 

Step Eight:  Buffing and Polishing

We hand buff and polish each piece to make sure your piece is restored to near perfect condition.  We then thoroughly inspect the piece to make sure it is exactly how you ordered it.

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